SKG Smart Watch for Men Women Android iPhone, Smartwatch with Alexa Built-in & Bluetooth Call(Answer/Make Call) 1.69″ Fitness Tracker with IP68 Waterproof, 60+ Sports, Heart Rate SpO2 Monitor, V7 Pro

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Product Description


smart watch V7 PRO BLACKsmart watch V7 PRO BLACK


SKG is a technology company with 1,000+ patents. We are committed to providing customers with smart wearable devices and personal health products. All our aim is to relax your daily life, bring you the convenience and happiness, Your comfortability is the first priority.

SKG V7 PRO is a smart watch that is multifunctional and works with Alexa, can be widely used for making and receiving calls, monitoring your health and exercise, provides you with the smart notification and 60+ sports modes, which is durable and pratical in your life, choose and use it everyday, it will never let you down.



Voice Control with Alexa & Make/ Receive Calls

Give a call to your family and friends with the smartwatch, you can enjoy the phone-free contact on your wrist. On the surface of the watch, you can dial the phone number and check the phone history and will be reminded of important calls even when you are in the gym, in the meeting or anywhere that is not convenient to use phones, also, with Alexa built-in, you can easily voice control the music playback, ask questions, read the news and get information, check the weather, set alarms, control compatible smart home devices, and more.


60+ sports modes60+ sports modes

Exercise As the Way You like

In the smart watch, there is 24 sports modes indoors and ourdoors, control (covering walking, cycling, hiking, yoga, swimming, etc), and use the Veryfit App to add more exercise you love, we provide 60+ sports modes for your daily use, you can set a goal and challeage to see your achievements, the fitness tracker will continuously record your steps, distances, calories and show on the watch and sync with the APP. It will always motivate you to do sports and keep you fit.



Your Reliable Daily Assisstant

——Heart Rate Monitoring: To show the range of your heart beat, the average level and your resting heart rate level, whether it is in good condition or not the recent rate is stable or instable, and if the heart rate exceeds the nomal level, the watch will remind you with it.

——Noise Monitoring: To continuously analyze the sound intensity in your environment, it will be helpful to understand how long you’re exposed to loud sounds because it will affect your hearing.

——Sleep Monitoring: To get you know the sleep duration at night, your heat rate, stressm respiratory quality while sleeping and give your a score about the sleep quality by analyze the deep and light sleep, the awake and rapid eye movements, also it offers the sleep assist in the app to help you sleep well.

——SpO2 Monitoring: To deliver the recent SpO2 varying range and let you know the blood oxygen saturation when you do exeercises or click the function on the smart watch.

——Stress Monitoring: To see whether your stress is beyond the average level and give you a overview of the data recorded day/week/month/year, if you have too much stress, it will cause physical or mental problems, try to use the breath training in the watch, you will feel much relaxed.


charging timecharging time

smart notificationsmart notification



With the large capacity battery, the smartwatch for men and women will last about 8-12 days for your daily use, no worry about frequent charging, for the first use, please fully charge it.


If you have open the rights in the app, you can easiy be reminded of the messages from your SNS apps (Facebook, whatsapp, instgram, pinterests and so on), text, calls and so on, you won’t miss them when the watch is binded.


The smartwatch is suitable to use even when you are swimming in the pool and running in the rain, or sweating in the gym, the water drainage is great to prevent the V7 pro from being damaged, no worry about using.



sedantary remindersedantary reminder

music controlmusic control


The smart watch will clearly show the weather in your place, about the temperature range, current and future weather, no need to open your phone to check.


SKG V7 PRO will give you smart reminder to drink some water and move around when you are doing long-term desk working or studing, which is better for your health.


Use the smartwatch to play and swich your favorite songs in your lists, no need to trun on your phone to opeate, just choose and enjoy the moment.


veryfit appveryfit app


App Download:Download and install the “VeryFit” app on the App Store, Google Play or by scanning the QR code below.Pairing:Turn on VeryFit app -> Activate Bluetooth connection on your phone -> Search on the app for the device to pair with (or scan the QR code on the device) -> Finish binding on the app (or on the device).Bluetooth Phone Call: To make and receive calls successfully, Please use according the user manual and make sure the device is binded with the blutooth “ID208 BT”.


1. A pop-up window will pop up after logging in to the APP, please always allow the APP to access the mobile phone to send and view information, device location information, address book, make calls and manage calls, call records, device information, and other permissions.

2. During the connection process of mobile phone Bluetooth, the mobile phone will pop up a Bluetooth pairing request, please select to allow pairing.

✅【 MAKE/ANSWER CALL & SMART NOTIFICATION】With built-in speaker and bluetooth connectivity, you can directly make or receive calls with your family and friends via the smartwatch, also it supports multiple smart reminders, including incoming calls, text, SNS messages (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc), daily reminder, etc, extremely convenient for your life and you will never miss any important information.
✅【 24/7 ALL-ROUND HEALTH TRACKING】Adopted high-performance optical sensors, the smart watch for android and iphone will timely and precisely work as a fitness tracker to record your daily walking steps, distances, calories, continuously monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen, stress and sleep quality with detailed data-based presentation to analyze and remind your body status and trend from your wrist, give you advice to help you adjust the lifestyle.
✅【 60+ SPORTS MODES & IP68 WATERPROOF】The smart watch for men and women supports more than 60+ sports modes indoors and outdoors (covering walking, cycling, hiking, yoga, swimming, etc), choose from the selected modes or add via Veryfit APP to set your training program and track your workout statistics. With the IP68 water resistance and drainage function, You don’t have to worry about the normal use of your watch, even if you are swimming, washing your hands or exercising in the rain.
✅【 MAGNETIC CHARGING & LONG-LASTING】The smart watch is designed with a large-capacity and low comsupmtion battery, which allows it to last about 8 days for daily use, compatible with most android and iOS phone (andriod 6.0+ and iOS 9.0+), you can set the brightness, vibration, ringtone, wake geature on/off for your preference and easily charge the watch through the included magnetic charger. For the first use, please fully charge it for about two hours.
✅【200+ DIALS & OTHER FEATURES】SKG V7 Pro smart watch can be easily conrolled by the Veryfit app, it provides more than 200 watch faces to choose and includes other useful functions for you: breath training, women’s health tracking, weather, music control, stopwatch, alarm clock, timer, vibration drainage, noise monitoring, flashlight, find the phone and so on. It is far more than a simple watch.
✅【SKG NEVER LETS YOU DOWN 】SKG is commited to providing you with smart wearable devices and personal health products, we highly value your health and experience in the store, your comfortability is the first priority, after the receival, For any product problem or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to tell us directly. We are ready to offer you the most satisfying solution at any time. Your opinion matters, SKG always stays with you!


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