KOFOHON Small Portable Washing Machine-Mini Foldable Washer with Drainage Basket to Dry,4.0-4.5lbs Washing Capacity,Perfect for Small Lightweight Delicate Clothes Items,RV Camp,Apartment,Dorm…

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▶Kofohon was founded by a group of young people who love travelling and outdoor sports.
Laundry is a big problem when travelling outside or on our business trips. So the first goal of our washing machine is small and light.Our portable
small washing machine has to be very different from other regular washers. Whatever,we can put it into our motorhouse easily, laundry
basket or small cabinet in our house, small apartment, dormitory, hotel and RV easily. Besides, we must make sure this foldable washer should be safe,
effective, energy efficiency and convenient. Of course, you also do not worry the operation method,no any differences to the operation of a normal washing machine.
In a word, our mini electric washer is a good helper to support not only your busy daily life but also your adventure life.

② Rated Power:135W
③ Wash Capacity:4.0-4.5lbs
④ Size:13.8″x13.8″x6.7″(fold size)/13.8″x13.8″x14.2″(unfold size)
⑤ Machine Net Weight:10.0lbs

① Fix this portable washer on the floor or on a table smoothly.
② Put clothes into this small washer,then pour in liquid laundry detergents,then water is added.
③ Keep water below the MAX scale on our kofohon mini washer, also clothes can not more than 2/3 of the bucket.
④ Adjust the timer from 1 min to 10 mins for washing, adjust timer from 1min to 3mins to dry clothes.
⑤ Take out clothes,install drying basket into electric foldable washing machine,final adjust timer from 1min to 3mins for drying.

♥ DO NOT touch the clothing and water by hand while foldable washing machine is working.
♥ BE SURE to take out coins, buttons, hairpins and other foreign bodies from pockets before washing your clothes.
♥ The washing machine is NOT ALLOWED to run for more than 10mins at a time.
♥ DO NOT wash raincoats, bicycle covers,heavy clothes and other waterproo

✅[WASHING CAPACITY]-Our portable washer’s largest washing capacity is about 4.0-4.5lbs, almost all small clothes, delicate clothes and lightweight items can be washed by our kofohon portable washing machine, such as 10-12pcs socks, 6-8pcs underwears, 2-4pcs baby clothes, 1-2pcs children’s toy, 4-6pcs bras, 4-6pcs towels, 2-4pcs T-shirt, 1-2pcs trousers or other laundry, vegetables and fruits that need to be washed separately.
✅[IMPORTANT TIPS]-Our small washer has a Max. washing time for 10 mins and Max. drying time for 3 mins, washing and drying function are independent, and these functions can be used repeatedly, but each operation needs to be done at least half an hour apart to protect motors.No washing of heavy clothing, such as cotton coats or down jackets.Drying function means that clothes stop dripping, but not completely dry.Washing with liquid laundry detergent is best.
✅[APPLICATIONS]-The folded size of our small washing machine is 13.8×13.8×6.7″, and unfolded size is 13.8×13.8×14.2″,exactly a normal bucket’s size.To fold the middle green part, then you can put it anywhere, on the table, under our bed, behind the door, in your car or even in the bathroom cupboard. So easy to carry anywhere and easy to use, such as home, apartment, flat, dormitory, school, hotel, business trip, travel, camping, RVs, fishing and hunting…
✅[WARRANTY]-Our mini washing machine is a semi-automatic washer, so it cannot replace large washing machines in the laundry, however,it frees your hands while making your life healthier and more organised,don’t expect it to clean your heavy coat so you’ll be more satisfied and happier when you take it home.180 days factory warranty from the date of purchase, any question, any time, feel freely to contact us, service within 24hrs for you.


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